Apple vs Google: who will win the battle for the smartwatch market?

With the news that the Apple Watch, unveiled under a parade of fanfare and advertising, has burst through the billion dollar sales barrier it now seems that the world is ready for the age of the smartwatch.

Selling two million units since its release, the Apple Watch has proven that the lucrative market for wrist technology is there to be mined.

Considering that two million units equates to around one billion dollars, in comparison the iPhone quarterly sales topped 31 billion dollars, (124 billion dollars last annum).

On sales alone, at first glance, you could assume Apple would be slightly disappointed with “only a billion dollars” but looking a little closer at the stats suggests that there is definite reason for celebration.

Upon initial release and in its first market quarter the iPhone sold barely more than a million units, making the Apple Watch technically more successful than the all conquering iPhone.

Tim Cook said, “through the end of the quarter, the Apple Watch sell-through was greater than the original iPhone and original iPad.”

He continued, “we plan on expanding Apple Watch channel availability because we’re convinced the watch is going to be one of the top gifts of the holiday season.” said Cook, explaining plans to increase the accessibility of the Apple Watch.

It’s fair to say that Apple so far have been somewhat unchallenged in the SmartWatch market, allowing for a steady growth in sales, however, that total domination of the market could be under threat after technology giant Google announced an update to their very own smartwatch, AndroidWear.

Apple’s great rival and iPhone competitor Google, loaded with their ubiquitous and trusted mobile platform Android, seemed to have announced their intentions to draw swords with Apple for their share of the smartwatch market.

Commonly known as the AndroidWear, Google, rather surprisingly released their smartwatch, at almost exactly the time Apple released theirs, Google with far less fanfare than Apple.

The big difference between the AppleWatch and the AndroidWear when they were first released was consumer interaction. Both brands had interchangeable watch faces, but Apple harnessed the technology that allowed consumer interaction. A massive USP.

Unwilling to accept defeat, Google continued tinkering with the AndroidWatch and announced the arrival of three new watch faces, which should be in shops just before the pre Christmas sales boom.

Although three interchangeable watch faces might seem less than earth shattering, they boast one headline dominating aspect. Consumer interaction.

Android Watch owners can now interact with their technology. Interactive weather and temperature, checking and reading emails, fitness tracking (which should put the fear of the Almighty into current fitness strap brands.)

Google have proven they are aware of consumer needs (or should that be needy consumers) following the further announcement that the AndroidWatch update will allow inter-consumer exchanges.

In layman’s terms, if you and your friends have each have an AndroidWatch and the Together watch face you can send images, sketches and emoticons.

It is still currently unclear whether the much needed updates to Google’s AndroidWatch will help them claw back some of the lost market space that Apple have claimed, however with the new update, the gap in quality between the Apple Watch and the AndroidWatch is narrowing rapidly.

Who will win the battle for the multi billion dollar smartwatch market? Only time can tell.

One thing is for certain, however, battle lines have been drawn. And the smartwatch war is upon us.