Drones are definitely in the Zeitgeist. No we’re not talking about the Terminator-esque war robots that bored governments send out when they can’t be bothered ejecting armed forces/human fodder into enemy countries.

No we’re talking about the cheery, fun shiny multirotors that are more common nowadays than kites. Ask yourself this. When is the last time you seen somebody attempt to fly a kite? What about a drone? Exactly.

We present to you, 7 of the best drones to get you in the zone.

1. Best Value For Money – Hubsan X4 – Less than £50

Hubsan 442


If you’re looking for a cheap and cheerful play thing then you’ve really go to consider whether spending £500 pounds is going to be a sensible investment. But you can’t go wrong with a Hubsan X4. Seven minutes of airtime and less than an hour charge time, video recording ability, spare parts also included. Variety of flying modes for every skill level which allows everybody to enjoy the nifty little Quadcopter.

2. Best For Under £500 – Parrot Bebop




For those who want their drone to do a little more. The Parrot Bebop is definitely going to impress, with two batteries promising 22 minutes flying time each. A home function which always brings the drone back to your starting position and a 14 mpg camera with Hi Def video capabilities as well the Parrot Bebop is well worth the asking price. 8GB onboard memory included.

3. Best For Under £1000 – 3DR Solo Smart Drone




Drone aficionados will already have looked past our first two offerings and have a more keenly focussed eye on our higher end drones. The 3DR Smart Drone sits somewhere on the higher end. Claiming to be the world’s first smart drone (well apart from the previously mentioned Terminator-esque murder drones.) The 3DR Solo is definitely not a toy. Providing a flight simulator, 1 Ghz onboard computer even the controller with additional iPhone compartment looks more like army training technique than fun home gadget. This drone means business.

4. Best For Big Kids – Quadcopter Stealth Bomber – £29.99



If you’re not too bothered about, images, Hi Def Vid, GHZ and general fussiness, and care more about dive bombing and impressing your mates, the Quadcopter is definitely more up your avenue. Inspired by the infamous stealth bomber, the Quadcopter Stealth Bomber has a range of 100 metres and can be charged through USB socket within the hour.

5. Quality Photography – DJI Phantom 2 Vision – £800+

dji phantom


At £800 pounds plus, The DJI Phantom is definitely not a drone for the kids to be flying into trees or chasing the dog with, with specs on board that many pricier drones use to increase their overall price. Almost straight out the box airborne ability is a bonus (installing the rotor blades is pretty simple), the downloadable app also ensures that when you’re up in the air, you can keep your eye on the prize (and avoid any renegade crows). At 1.1kg the phantom is a bit of a beast, but with a GPS lock capability it should safeguard you about any “plummeting to the ground” disasters. All in all excellent video quality, pretty standard battery life and not too irritating to initially set up.

6. The Daddy – Turbo Ace Matrix – £2250+

Turbo ace matrix

Looking like something that Skynet developed to melt John Connor’s face, the Turbo Ace Matrix is a frightening piece of kit. Boasting carbon fibre decking, 1 metre wingspan, 25 minutes battery life and a flying range of 1.2 MILES, Hi Def filming, additional compartment for your GoPro. If this thing came hurtling out the sky toward you, you would seriously consider fleeing, resembling Cary Grant in North by Northwest.

7. Best For Fighting The Empire – Millennium Falcon – £130+

star wars

Where to begin? Arguably the most easily recognised spaceship in the galaxy, can do the Kessell Run in less than 12 Parsecs, helped destroy two death stars, and after a bit of initial trouble can reach lightspeed. Has escaped Imperial Star Destroyers, and avoided big huge space worms…Oh come on as if you need an excuse to buy the Millennium Falcon.