Headphones, what a love hate relationship we have with them. It’s always price vs comfort. But with Christmas coming up, its a perfect time to pick up an amazing pair (for someone else)

Many people are comfortable wearing the larger canned type headphones nowadays and are considered quite the fashion statement, however old fashioned types revere music as an intimate activity and prefer to have in ear buds to listen to their music on the move.

Here are our pick of 7 of the best headphones available just in time for a place on your Christmas list.

1. AKG K451 – £35+


A fantastic piece of equipment and a blessing to your music. Comfortable for both canned headphone lovers and at a push in ear. The quality of the sound and comfort in the ear is unbeatable for the price. They’ve just plummeted in retail price from nearly £150 to nearer £35 as well. Bargain

2. Bose Quiet Comfort 25 – £240


The original standard setters for quality music systems. Bose headphones are no different. Fantastic for noise cancelling, comfort is second to none and you will certainly be getting an unbelievable pair of headphones for your buck. Reliable and pitch perfect sound. Headphones for grownups.

3. Soundmagic E10S – £40


Seems like too good an opportunity, so here goes; The best thing about Soundmagic E10S headphones? They sound magic. (Sorry, kinda). What Hi Fi’s Current winner of best headphones under £50, before, we presume, AKG K451 dropped in price. Soundmagic E105 will be perfect for the active music lover in the house, who prefers his headphones in ear rather than on ear.

4. Philips Fidelio M2BT – £250


We have wireless baby, if wires are the bane on your life but you’ve found bluetooth diminishes sound quality, you’re not alone in your deduction. It’s universally accepted that the major stumbling block of bluetooth headphones is the noticeable drop in listening quality. Has Philips conquered the issue, emm yeah pretty much. Their sound quality is undeniable, definitely the highest quality bluetooth headphones on the market. But in comparison, £250 headphones and wire connection? Bluetooth is still slightly lacking. We’re still a firm believer in death to wires though.  

5. Polk Nue Voe – £70+

Nue Voe

Probably the most fashionable headphones we’ve ever encountered and definitely for the one in the house with a passion for fashion. Very high quality of music output as well. Incorporated patented Polk technology, ensure that only are the in ear headphones visually unique on the outside but the exceptional sound quality within is unsurpassed as well. 

6. Moto Surround – Under £80


The best bluetooth in ear headphones on the market. If you’re lucky you could probably find them for nearer £60. If you or a family member complains about headphone wires getting tangled in the gym. These will be the perfect fit for them. Comfortable, high quality sound (we covered the sound issue earlier). Water and sweat resistant, built in mic for answering on the go.

7. Denon AH-D600 – £350


The real deal, a musicians headphones. Perfect for somebody whom music is not a momentary harmonised vacation but a lifetime’s vocation. If you’re working with music on a daily basis the Denon AH-D600 will be something you need to invest in. Protein leather ear pads, auxiliary downloadable app for ease of access and superior sound quality. The professional’s headphone.