Are you ready for the technological revolution of 2016, Virtual reality porn, a smartphone war and the death of wires. We don’t know about you but 2016 sounds fantastic. Read on for more information on the year that the technology of the future promises to become the technology of today.

Geek McGeekerson’s Top Tech Tips for 2016.

Oculus Rift and the Emergence of VR

Oculus Rift

Although not quite at the age of “Lawnmower Man” VR capabilities, 2016 should see the emergence of VR as a viable form of home entertainment. It even appears that the porn industry has jumped on the VR bandwagon, and will be willing to help you “Oculus your Rift” with the aid of a virtual pornstar and the helping hand of a VR headset. With the fabled Oculus Rift, first shipment scheduled for March, its seems soon enough, you’ll be able to travel the world from the comfort of your own living room. Oculus Rift ic currently worth $2 billion dollars to Facebook (who acquired the company for that princely sum in 2014), however other companies have refused to be left behind. HTC Vive begin to take pre orders Feb 29th, Sony Playstation VR is set for release in the first half of 2016. Tech giants Google although seemingly being left for dead after releasing their consumer friendly “Google Cardboard”, has rather ominously it seems for their rivals, unveiled their own dedicated technology division, tailored solely toward Virtual Reality Computing.

Flexible Displays, Digital Paper


It seems Doc Brown was only a year out in BTTF2. At the CES Technology show this week LG unveiled digital screens, that can be rolled up like a newspaper. However rather than be used as a futuristic newspaper, they will will be used in car screens, and possibly along the vehicles interior. Their 55 inch screen option will be double sided and literally paper thin. Korean based LG have recently focussed their efforts toward the burgeoning OLED technology market after unveiling plans to open up a $900 million dollar flexible screen plant, with further plans to build a larger plant for flexible televisions.

The Smartphone War


Expect the Smartphone War to claim a few victims this year, big hitters Samsung and Apple are expected to release their next version, both are expected to promise waterproof, wireless charging, longer life batteries, higher resolution screens and everything you could imagine as the two duke it out for supremacy. However, Apple are expected to release the iPhone7 without a headphone jack, which in industry terms is a bold move. Effectively denying every single pair of headphones in the world the opportunity to plug into the new iPhone (We’re sure it has nothing whatsoever to do with Apple owning Beats headphones.)

Keep your eye on Huawaei’s next smartphone release, their CEO Lei Jun is so obsessed with Apple he’s known in the media as “China’s Steve Jobs”. Huawei also sit in third place for most amount of phones sold worldwide last year.

Wireless Charging

Wireless Charging

2016 should be the year that Wireless Charging becomes an industry norm. With our day to day dependence on technology becoming a necessity, carrying around 35 separate chargers has always been frustrating. But with new tech being released this year, each expected to have wireless charging as standard, it should ensure the burgeoning technology a smooth transition. Look for it being made available in most franchise coffee shops and fast food restaurants within the next year.

The Year of the Hacker


Sorry to say but it seems that 2016 will also be the year of the hacker. The general consensus at the minute seems to be that hacking is pretty cool, Anonymous appear to fight on the side of good, like a sort of anti-hero. An anti Isis group hacked the BBC and later apologised, Anonymous are apparently out to destroy Isis, but at the same time Talk Talk suffered a massive hack, Sony’s hack nearly resulted in all out war between the US and North Korea and the Ashley Madison hack according to lawyers was going to lead to “a tsunami of divorces”. 2016 will be no different, in fact it’s almost certain that hackers will be aiming to hack bigger and better prizes. Expect the hacker to rein supreme in 2016.

5G and Li-Fi

5g Lifi

With trials due for 2016 expect the media to lose their collective minds over 5G. More than 100 times faster than the current 4G, 5G will start to be pushed out to consumers at the end of 2016 KPN, Ericsson, Huawei and the research institute TNO have already began to conduct tests in Tokyo and Netherlands with the ambitious technology, expect to hear a lot more about it in 2016.

Li-Fi is set to be groundbreaking. Forget sitting watching your favourite tv show lag because of shoddy Wi-Fi, Li-Fi will literally give you the power to watch it seamlessly through the power of light. So far industry tests have reached a speed of more than 200 GB of data per second and when at full strength is expected to be as much as 100 times faster than top range broadband. Expect to hear big things about Li-Fi in 2016.

Smart Cars

self driving cars

Yes we know, Smart Cars have been included on every tech list, probably since the invention of the internal combustion engine, but 2016 is expected to be a game changer. Electric cars are becoming more common on our roads (as well as electric charging points). Tesla, Google, Nissan, Mercedes, Volkswagen Bosch and Delphi have been testing the capability of self driving cars since early last year. Expect to hear groundbreaking news as 2016 unfolds.