Scientists at the University of Lisbon have revealed that at their best estimates, the universe has at least 2.8 billion years remaining in existence.

The End is nigh

Disappointing apocalypse-mongers everywhere, scientists have also observed the expansion of the universe at an ever increasing rate. Propelled forward by Dark energy it is thought that there will reach a breaking point, where the universe after consuming all the available energy will simply tear itself apart.

Our universe has been in existence for in the region of 14 billion years, and our sun is expected to continue burning for at least 5 billion more years, scientists have also predicted that if the universe continues to expand at a constant and increasing state, there could be the possibility that the universe will eventually cool into an eternal heat death.

Considering that humans have only existed for 200,000 years, and civilization for 6000, the universe will most probably be around for a lot longer than any species on earth.

Luckily for apocalypse-mongers NASA recently revealed that there is a one in 63,000 chance that an asteroid will smash into earth in 2032. Asteroid 2013 TV135, (catchy) if it struck earth would impact with a force of 50 times the power of the largest nuclear bomb ever used.

For more info on the universe’s expected lifecycle check The University of Lisbon’s findings.