Believe it or not, Summer 2016 is on the way, for the last two days there has been a genuine sighting of sun in the sky. Now with confirmation summer is approaching, its time to focus on getting gadget giddy for summer 2016.

Samsung Galaxy 7

Samsung s7

Quite simply the best mobile out at the minute, if you like your phone with the top technology and slick looking. You will not go wrong with the Samsung Galaxy 7. Get it in the luxurious gold and you’ll stand out from the other Galaxy 7 owners. Check our review here.

Bluetooth Waterproof Speakers

UE Roll Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Genius. For all your summer adventures can now be soundtracked. The UE ROLL 360 Wireless Bluetooth Speaker – Volcano. You’ll never get caught short if you’re abroad and lying beside a pool. Never mind splash proof this beauty is waterproof to a depth of a metre. You’ll never realise how much you needed this babe of a gadget until you own one.

Tile – Find Your Life


Never lose anything ever again? Tile, you pretty much had us swooning at “never lose”. Imagine the find your iPhone app for everything in your life, that the thought of losing, keeps you awake with cold sweats every night. That’s where Tile comes in. Using Bluetooth, Wifi, live maps (and we imagine magic), Tile can keep track of everything you hold dear in the world. We don’t recommend leaving Tile to look after your children but you know there’s always the next generation.

Go Pro/Polaroid Cubes

Polaroid Cubes

There’s only one Go Pro but can be somewhat expensive, and if you can’t justify forking out hundreds of pounds to video yourself splashbombing p*ssed off holidaymakers, then the Polaroid Cube with the addition of a waterproof case should be perfect for your “holiday hijinks”. With the choice of three colours, neon blue, electric red, or navy black and less than £100 pounds, Polaroid are offering a perfect substitute for the “professional” Go Pro.

Solar Portable Battery (or a lemon)


Summer, what a wonderful season. It’s so generous, sunshine is now providing batteries with the opportunity to recharge. Battery ran out of juice? Simply leave it in the sun (you could even sunbathe while you wait) plug it into your phone, and quicker than you can say, Watts X Time Divided by 1000 (formula for solar power), your phone’s charged up (Approx). You’ll find the Voltaic Amp, is the size of a banana and around £70 pounds. PS if you attach half a lemon to each prong of your plug it genuinely gives you power.

Programmable Tattoo

Programmable tattoo system

Desperate to whip your top off on holiday this year but intimidated because you’re too squeamish for a tattoo? Fear not with moodINQ you can simply programme a scanner, which will print temporary tattoos on your body, meaning that for the two weeks you’re on holiday you can be tatted up, and take your top off with relish (and cover it in relish if you choose)

Bottle Opener Shades


You’re chilling at the beach, miles from the hotel, beer full flow and disaster strikes. Your friend with the titanium jaw, able to wrestle bottles open with his pearly whites has just been struck by toothache. (Who would have thought it?). Party officially over. Not if you are wearing these brilliant bottle opener shades from zeroUV. Pretty much exactly what they say on the tin. Titanium temples for ease of bottle lid removal.