Tinder is now a dating disco with this new feature..

With the universal dating app, Tinder, launching its partnership with Spotify – you can now add add a track from Spotify which perfectly describes you to potential partners. This now allows you to not only judge other people based on superficial aesthetics, but also based on their woeful taste in music. The concept is simple: just link your Spotify profile to your Tinder profile. This will show your top played tracks, show any artists that you may have in common with matches, as well as let you add that track that totally just defines who you are as a person, man.

Tinder & Spotify have also collaborated to create a selection of exclusive ‘Tinder Music’ playlists, entitled: ‘Pre-Swipe’, ‘Discovery’, ‘Match’, ‘Love at First Swipe’ and ‘Date Night’. And who said romance was dead?

Here at Geek, we’ve compiled a brief overview of what that potential love interest’s ‘anthem’ could tell you about them. Go forth and choose your anthems wisely. Happy swiping.

Sam Smith
This person is still in love with their ex. Swipe left.

Miley Cyrus
This improbable individual will be be found twerking in at least two of their photos, and might well already be on their way on a wrecking ball. Swipe left.

Will only discuss obscure German techno and talk AT LENGTH about that one time they went to Berghain. They will, however, know where the afterparty is. Swipe right.

Desperado by Rihanna
Please swipe right and give this person my number.

Desperado by Lynyrd Skynyrd
That is your uncle. Swipe left.

Robin Thicke
Yeah, this guy’s neighbours had to be notified six weeks before he moved in and he’s forbidden from going within 50 feet of anybody he’s ever slept with. Swipe left.

That is your dad. Swipe left.

Michael Buble
As long as it’s something from the Christmas album, swipe right.

The Stone Roses
If there’s even the SLIGHTEST hint of a lemon-festooned bucket hat, swipe left like you’ve never swiped left before.

This person is already in your pants, just swipe right and let it happen.