Okay, so this is definitely the coolest thing we’ve seen this week. The clever people over at Martini have developed and are currently trialing an ice cube that alerts bar staff when you’re drink is empty so that you’re never without a swally.


In today’s age of the Internet of Things; where every electronic device under the sun is connected to the internet, this exciting slice of bar technology is disrupting the often tedious bar queue conundrum.


Powered by Apple’s iBeacon technology, the 3D-printed faux ice cube is placed in your drink when served. This software inside the Smart Cube allows a hardware transmitter, usually a low energy Bluetooth connection, to send a notification to nearby devices. With the Smart Cube, two liquid sensors go off when they recognise that they’re no longer submerged and automatically renew a drinks order with the bar ordering system – typically the iPad Pro. Using NASA’s fancy Aerogel, the cube is kept cold whilst staying buoyant – allowing it to actually function as a proper ice cube would (without the obvious melty bit).


The Martini Smart Cube is also fitted with a low-level GPS transmitter so that the bar staff know exactly which drink is in need of a refill at any given point, so there’s no need to tear yourself away from that drinks date when it’s six people deep at the bar. Each Cube also has its own pulsing colour combination so everyone at the table knows which Martini & tonic is theirs.
Currently undergoing trials in the States, this nifty bit of booze-based tech might not transfer as well to British bars as we don’t have such a culturally-ingrained tipping system as across the pond, but it’s impressive nonetheless