With over 2.2 billion people across the globe ascribing to the Christian faith, I´m sure we can all be agreed that the Big Man Upstairs is a pretty big deal. But has the Big Man in the Sky been out-searched by the other M-word: memes?

It´s official – there were more searches using the keyword ´memes´ between August 21-27 than there were for those including the keyword ´Jesus´. Discovered by @kuwaddo on Twitter, this followed a huge stretch where more people were searching for the the Holy One.

Google Trend Report showing that more people have searched for ´memes´ than ´Jesus´

Searches featuring the keyword ´Jesus´ usually tend to spike around the end of March in the run up to Good Friday and Easter. The real test will be whether memes can keep the Lord at bay next year during the religious celebrations.

The Google Trends report might not act as a definitive ruling, but it serves as a decent guide – with over 3.5 billion searches per day, it gives a pretty reasonable indication of what´s on the world´s mind.