Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you´re sitting down. The time has come.

It´s a feature that we´ve all been hoping for since the launch of the omnipresent streaming service, but Netflix has finally announced that it will add offline viewing capabilities by the end of the year.

According to various insider sources, the long-awaited addition will arrive on desktop and mobile platforms by the end of 2016. ALL THE TELLY, ALL THE TIME.

Dan Taitz, COO of mobile video firm Penthera told Light Reading that the company is actively working on it and preparing to launch it soon, calling it an “open secret in the video streaming community.” It´s a surprising U-turn for the company, with CEO Reed Hastings making it clear a few years back that offline playback is ¨never going to happen¨. Luckily for us, he´s warmed up to the idea.

It´s more than likely that offline mode will be only be available for Netflix Originals at first – which wouldn´t be so bad as this means you can watch absolute belters like Stranger Things and the third season of Charlie Brooker´s ´Black Mirror´ series going live this Friday.

A move towards offline viewing would be great for long-haul flights or for users whose Wi-Fi is prone to being a temperamental little bastard. It would also be a huge blow to the online piracy industry – with the main driver of online video piracy being that mainstream legal platforms do not have their content available for consumers wherever and whenever they want to view it. An issue which Netflix could endeavour to solve with the launch of an offline viewing function. 

These are all reports, of course, but we´re excited.