Okay, this is a safe space – so we can all agree that Twitter is often times a pit of absolute vitriol and carnage, showcasing the worst that humanity has to offer. However, OneHundredForty is now trying to make the best of a bloody dreadful situation by printing your worst tweets onto beautiful backgrounds to create stunning prints.

By signing into Twitter, the app pulls your best tweets (ranked by ´magic´, whatever the hell that is), allowing you to view them in the format of a framed print:

Screenshot of the OneHundredForty

The tweets ranked by ´magic´ are usually those with no likes or retweets, with less than six words to make sure that they fit neatly into the framed image. The lettering isn´t linear like normal text, but we think that adds a more ¨design-y¨ vibe to the whole situation. You can also pull tweets based on their popularity in terms of retweets & likes, as well as most recent tweets from your feed to give them the OneHundredForty treatment.

The only downside to this is that there is at present no option to edit the font or the text formatting, only the overall design of the end-product image itself. However, you can create a tweet from scratch.

Screenshot of the OneHundredForty web page, featuring a framed image with the words ¨Hungry AF¨ on a textured background.