A single tweet posted by the Democratic runner-up in the 2016 US Presidential Race, Bernie Sanders, cost a pharmaceutical company an estimated $387 million (yes, MILLION). 

The tweet, below, was posted to Bernie´s 2.65m followers and highlighted that pharma giant, Ariad, has raised the price of a cancer drug . Following this, Ariad saw their share price plummet by 15% – costing investors approximately $387 million. Ouch.

Screenshot of Bernie Sander´s tweet: Drug corporations´greed is unbelievable. Ariad has raised the price of leukemia drug to almost $199,000 a year. A picture of stacks of cash is also included in the tweet.

Interestingly, the tweet was not signed ¨-B¨, indicating that it was written and posted by a member of Bernie´s team, not by the man himself.

US news network, Bloomberg, reported that the wholesale acquisition price of Ariad´s leukaemia drug, Iclusig, has been raised four times in 2016 alone. This brings the price of a single 30-day pack of the potentially life-saving medication to over $16,000, that´s almost $199,000 a year.

Not only did this tweet highlight the shameless greed that is culturally ingrained within the American pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, but also the sheer power of Twitter as a social network to affect change. For those writing off Twitter as a viable platform: one tweet cost just shy of $400 million – the little blue bird´s got a song or two in it yet.

US politician Bernie Sanders with iconic David Bowie ´Starman´ lightning make-up superimposed onto his face