Google’s new flagship device was hacked by a team of pro Chinese hackers in under 60 seconds. Awkward.

At Pwnfest, a hacking competition held in Seoul, South Korea, a crack team of white-hat hackers who go by the name of Qihoo 360 demonstrated an exploit that allows for remote code execution on Google’s new Pixel device. In under a minute, the team used a zero-day vulnerability to remotely install code of Google’s highly desirable smartphone.

Google Pixel smartphone

The exploit launched the Google Play Store, subsequently opening the mobile version of Chrome before displaying a message which read: Pwned by 360 Alpha Team.

The team took home a cash prize of $120,000 for the hack, simultaneously stumping one of the world’s leading tech giants – word is that Google is in the midst of hurriedly prepping a solution to the exploit.

By the close of Pwnfest, Qihoo 360 walked away with approximately $520,000 in cash prizes following their Pixel hack, as well as exploiting vulnerabilities in Microsoft Edge on Windows 10, as well as a decade-old exploit that surprisingly still works on Adobe Flash.

All in a day’s work, eh?