The China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation (CRRC) has announced plans to build the fastest train on the face of the planet. Designed to reach speeds of 373 mph, smashing the previous record set by the Shanghai Maglev of 267 mph.

CRRC are working on a proof of concept that aims to travel over a 3-mile test track at 124 mph. If all goes well, they plan to utilise China’s 12,000-plus miles of existing track to establish “domestic technology and standard systems for new-generation medium- and high-speed maglev transportation that can be applied globally”, announced CRRC official Sun Bangcheng.

Magnetic levitation, whilst sounding nonsensical, allows vehicles to reach mental speeds by reducing the friction of traditional rail travel. Here, a cushion of air replaces the grinding wheels and metal rails. This is made possible by reversing the polarity of the magnets involved in the technology – think of it like pressing two magnets together after flipping one of them round.

Artist's impression of the new high-speed train

This isn’t a new innovation, however, as China’s Shanghai Maglev already operating on this existing technology. Japan also completed its own maglev train test in 2015, achieving a face-melting 366 mph.

CRRC isn’t just into the high-speed trains business – it has ongoing projects currently running here in the UK, Mexico & Thailand, among others. Noticeably, the CRRC has no current plans to operate in any capacity within the US; we wonder if the 700 mph Hyperloop project will be able to bring the Yanks up to spec in the high-speed train stakes…