Whether you agree with the decision of the American people to elect ‘The Don’ as the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD or not, there’s one thing we can all agree is glaring obvious – he’s not the biggest tech enthusiast.

In an age where everyone, even our parents and grandparents, have at least a basic level of computer literacy & can use technology to their advantage; Trump bumbles around sans mobile & openly admits that he doesn’t use email. His dislike of technology is incongruous given the current political and commercial landscapes of developed nations such as the US; where global organisations which have been instrumental in the development of technological innovation and cultural permeation are some of the most high-valued on the planet.

“Of course, he’s a dinosaur – but that doesn’t mean his policies..!” Okay, stop. This is the man who seriously proposed that the US Armed Forces communicate with each other via handwritten letters. That’s right, Donald, break out the stationery – it’s not like you have some of the world’s most secure and intelligent communications systems at your disposal! The Washington Post reported that Trump sees immigrants as a hindrance to his ‘great’ America, not as entrepreneurs who can establish new businesses – some of which end up with billion-dollar valuations.

Donald Trump sitting at a desk surrounded by pieces of paper

There’s also the pressing matter of ‘the cyber’ – an issue which Trump feels that America is doing terribly on and must be addressed with the utmost haste. For the record, we have no idea what the mysterious ‘cyber’ is, either. We reckon it might have SOMETHING to do with digital security, but we’re pretty sure he doesn’t even really know what he’s talking about. It’s not even that he doesn’t know all the minutia which is encompassed in the digital age; he just thinks he can phone up Bill Gates and have the Internet shut down. This is the most powerful man on the planet. Really.

It’s definitely an uncertain time in the US at the minute, and who knows what the next four years will bring? But, from a technological perspective, we’ve certainly got the fear. At least Trump has one dinosaur pal to share in his Dark Age…

Screenshot of the Associated Press tweet announcing that Russian President Vladimir Putin sent a telegram to Trump congratulating him on winning the US Election