Back in September, we reported that ride-sharing giant, Uber, had extended its scheduled rides service beyond London to 8 other UK cities, including: Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Bristol, Liverpool, Birmingham. Allowing us mere mortals outside of that there London to book our lift up to weeks in advance.

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Whether you need a car to be ready after a meeting, to take you to the airport or just to get your drunk arse home safely from a night out; Uber’s decision to extend this service will definitely save you time, unnecessary stress and potentially your life (bit dramatic, but you get the idea).

Rides can be booked anywhere from 15 minutes to 30 days in advance, with Uber automatically arranging pickup details as your departure time approaches. As is stands, this service is only available on the budget UberX platform, but not the swanky UberBLACK or UberEXEC services.

Jo Bertram, Uber’s UK Regional General Manager, detailed in a press release that “Many of our riders, especially our business customers, have asked us to introduce this feature and we’re really excited to bring it to 8 more cities across the UK from today; scheduling your Uber in advance means there’s one less thing to worry about.”

Scheduled rides are operating on the same pricing structure as standard UberX rides; but it’s worth taking note that they are still subject to price surging – so if you book a ride during peak times, you might get stung by the fare premiums.