The Geek McGeekerson Guide to Christmas Gifts


Whether the geek in your life has been naughty or nice, we’ve a gift to suit every price


  1. IR Cyber Flyer

For the drone enthusiast who simply can’t stop destroying their beloved drone. At £12.99 and as durable as they come, this little piece of UFO shaped gadgetry, should enable your wannabe test pilot’s lifespan will last longer than three hours on Christmas Day.


A simple to use infrared controller should guarantee fun for all members of our geek society.


  1. Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker


Showers will never be the same. Who amongst us hasn’t taken a phone into the bathroom and played music through their echo in a can phone speaker. (Whilst being slightly nervous about shower condensation and just how waterproof the phone actually is.) Fret not, with this Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker, you can bring the music into the shower with you. Be gone four channel FM shower radio. Hello Spotify.


  1. Infinity Cube

Imagine being able to sit the entire galaxy on the shelf of your house, with an Infinity Cube you can yield such power. For the constellation enthusiast (let’s be honest who isn’t) the hypnotic cube uses an optical illusion offering the viewer a wormhole into the stars. With three settings (one being music reactive) you can ensure that any night-time soiree becomes…out of this world.


  1. Nanodots

Let’s be honest, magnets are pretty cool regardless of age, basically LEGO of the scientific world. Officially the world’s strongest magnets, Nanodots can take any shape or form you possibly care to create. Perfect for the Geek strapped to a desk, with Nanobots you can ensure their creative juices never cease to flow.


  1. Google Chromecast

A little piece of genius technology for such a reasonable price, the Google Chromecast presents you with the ability to stream anything from your phone directly onto your TV. Simply plug in to an HDMI port and you’ve thousands of apps to download. Watch movies, play games and binge-watch TV shows buffer free thanks to this handy little device.


  1. Amazon Firestick & Alexa Remote

Similar to the Google Chromecast, the Amazon Firestick is a fantastic piece of hardware for a slightly higher but still reasonable price. The Amazon Firestick promises to be the fastest streaming media stick on the market, unlike the Google Chromecast the Firestick has 8GB of storage built in, meaning that app downloading should never be a problem. With Amazon’s Alexa voice remote as standard, you can literally command the television what you wish to watch or listen to and it happens automatically. (Cue battles for Christmas Day television.)


  1. Red5 Helium T900 Speakers

For the music and festival geek forever on the move, the Red5 Helium T900 Speakers ensures that no spontaneous party or summer campsite will ever suffer the indignity of being revoked of sound. With almost four hours of playback guaranteed, and a 4-5 hour USB recharge time, no party will ever suffer that ominous silence of death again. If music is the fire that lights any party, ensure that the flames are always burning.


  1. Tile Tracker

Are the geeks in your life forever losing absolutely everything they hold dear? Tile is the perfect solution to that infuriating problem. A GPRS tracker fitted in every tile, Tile gives you the option to ring your object (teddies, keys, shoes, toupees etc), within one hundred feet, it emits a loud tune until you find it. Similarly with your phone, double press and it rings until you find it. Last place seen, check your app and you should be able to retrace your steps until rediscovered. Or use the Tile community as your very own search party, where online members help you find what you’ve lost.


  1. Battle Drones

If the peace and tranquility of a little drone flight every Sunday isn’t cutting the mustard, then upgrade to the ultimate in aeronautic warfare. Battle Drones, take to the skies and battle rivals, load up with 10 battle weapons and smash your victim out of the sky. There can only be one winner, make sure it’s you. With the drones built for full bloodied combat, you can be assured there will be plenty of time to seek your revenge.


  1. HoMedics Shiatsu Massage Cushion



For the stressed geek in your life, forget having to wait weeks to acquire an hour holistic massage, with the Massage Cushion you have the power to take the stress out of modern living, every single day. Soothing heat and a remote control can mean that you are in control of your very own relaxation. Adjustable to fit, back, shoulders, neck, legs, and just about anywhere your body needs a little TLC.


  1. Levitate 2.0 Speakers


Resembling a gadget from Blade Runner 2047, Levitate 2.0 is quite literally a floating speaker. Apparently defying the laws of gravity is a home comfort these days, doubling up as a hands free connection thanks to an inbuilt microphone, quite simply one of the coolest speakers on the market. Can be used in the home or on the move. Ryan Gosling almost certainly uses this in his Hollywood mansion (Allegedly).


  1. Amazon Echo/Google Smart Speaker /


With both Amazon and Google’s Smart Speaker’s resembling Air Wick automatic room fresheners, it’s really up-to yourself which one you find more aesthetically pleasing. Google Smart Speaker seems to have a better ability to answer even the most obscure of questions (Google Search Engine after all). Translations and the such Google have the sway. Echo has a better sound quality if you’re more interested in using the speaker for listening to music. Basically the two speakers boil down to knowledge versus music quality. Whatever clique your geek belongs, that’s the speaker for them.  


  1. Samsung SmartThing

The future of home management, Samsung SmartThing gives you the power to control almost any appliance in your home, from anywhere. Currently many different companies allow you to control your devices, electricity and such from anywhere, but at the cost of having to run every individual app, destroying your already precious and rationed mobile battery life. Samsung SmartThing grants you this power with only the use of a single app. For the future conscious geek in your life, Samsung SmartThing is a powerful step into the future, today.


  1. Sony PSVR Bundle

Sony brings Virtual Reality into the home this Christmas, with the next advancement in home gaming entertainment Sony have added to their claim of being the console for true gamers. With the added ability of watching movies through the headset, it would be recommended that only the bravest view The Shining in full headset mode. Designed for comfort, the only downside seems to be that there are a lot of connecting wires. Cheaper than Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, Sony might have just claimed Christmas for the gaming geek.


  1. X-Box One X

Quite simply the most powerful home video game system ever designed. It’s a behemoth in gaming, and sits more powerful than almost every home computer in households across the country. However it’s almost £250 pounds more expensive than the X-Box S. Depending on your current home television capabilities, the X-Box will be worth the money, as long as your TV has 4K capabilities.


Load times have improved drastically, visuals are spectacular, the console itself is smaller and more snug, there is little lagging (ensuring your internet is absolutely top notch), basically everything that can be improved from the previous X-Box S has been improved. If the geek in your life is an X-Box diehard and looking to upgrade then this is the console for them.

  1. iPhone x

With absolutely no coincidence whatsoever, Apple have released their new flagship iPhone X weeks before Christmas, and there’s no denying it’s a remarkable piece of tech. Beautiful to look at and with the removal of the standard home key, the screen is picturesque. With Apple claiming it’s the most durable yet, consumers will be pleased that their £800 piece of equipment wont smash to smithereens if it falls out of a pocket. The battery is far longer lasting, improved processing capabilities, superior camera capabilities to previous models and the screen is unbelievably bright and clear.


However there is a slight issue with apps leaving black bars across the screen due to its increased size (expect this to be remedied in the imminent future.) Apple seem to have retaken the lead in the war between (super) smartphones. For the geek in your life who lives for the latest smartphone, iPhone X is the only option.


Move quick as acquiring the iPhone X could prove to be as elusive as catching a glimpse of Santa on Christmas Eve.


N.B Remember to price compare across the internet before any purchase as with Black Friday deals and shops vying for your hard earned cash, bargains are afoot.